Stillpoint Wellness

Your connection to Source…be still and know


Be still and know … it is in the StillPoint, the silence, the present moment where you connect to Source (God, Universe, Divine, Unconditional Love). The StillPoint is the thread in which we are all interconnected. The StillPoint, is a state in which you experience and return to your true essence – your soul.

StillPoint Wellness’ mission is to share with clients self-care modalities that assist them in reconnecting with the StillPoint and unlocking their divine life’s purpose. Coming to know the inner intelligence sets the stage for intuitive self-healing. Intuition by definition is about knowing, and self-healing begins with the remembrance and return to the vital energy within. This is our natural state that aligns with universal rhythms and unconditional love. This is not unusual and we all possess this. You are your own best healer. You have the capability to hone your intuition and be divinely guided through your life’s journey.

By touching the StillPoint, you create a natural coherence, a synergy of mind, body and soul. It is with this coherence that you will create healing and ultimately wellness in your life. Coming to know your soul is fundamental in the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.  Going within (being), embracing the StillPoint, and then coming back out (doing), you will be able to navigate your life with authentic power, grounded by unconditional love.

“We are not just physical beings having a spiritual experience; rather we are spiritual beings having a physical experience”– Teilhard de Chardin

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